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Healthy Recipes Magazine, a completely Free Magazine, is your key to unlocking the body and life you’ve always wanted. In no time at all, you will be cooking that will make your mouth water and your body rejoice. More importantly, you’ll take the first steps toward feeling energetic, healthy, and happy.

Each issue is packed with awesome recipes, expert health tips, inspiring success stories, amazing giveaways, interviews with chefs and health professionals, and so much more.

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Mouth-Watering Recipes

We’ll show you, step-by-step, how to cook dishes that your friends and family won’t believe. All of our recipes are simple, easy, and packed with real, nutritious ingredients.

Expert Tips

Eating healthy in today’s world is a constant struggle. Get scientifically-backed facts about how to optimize the health of you and your family.


Unlike traditional magazines, you’ll hear success stories from readers, join live cooking classes and seminars inside the magazine, and get your questions answered.

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How Much Does Healthy Recipes Cost?

Each issue is just $4.99. However, you can also subscribe to save more than 50% off of each issue and still cancel at any time.

How Often is Healthy Recipes Published?

A full regular issue is published every single month. In addition, we regularly publish special issues that are completely free to all subscribers. Another great reason to subscribe!

Do I Need Internet to Read Healthy Recipes Magazine?

No, except to download each issue. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to read at your leisure. However, internet may be required to view any videos or seminars inside the magazine.

Will I Be Able to Cook the Recipes?

Yes! All of our recipes are designed to be very simple and easy in addition to being delicious and healthy.

How Do I Subscribe?

Subscribing is very easy:

  1. Click this link on your iPad
  2. Tap “Free” and then “Install App” to install Healthy Recipes Magazine
  3. Open Healthy Recipes inside of Newsstand (on your iPad)
  4. Tap “Subscribe” and choose whether you’d like a monthly or yearly subscription

That’s it!

Can I See a Free Issue?

Even better, you can see a preview of every single issue that we publish. Just download Healthy Recipes Magazine as described above, and then click on any issue to see a full preview of the issue.

Is Healthy Recipes Available for Kindle or Android?

Not yet. We’re working on expanding and greatly appreciate the support of everyone requesting Healthy Recipes for other devices.


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